I Am Her: Broken

She’s the butterfly that escaped her room,
The tree that refuses to bloom,
She’s every little and big thing around you,
and she’s broken.
Nothing around you is whole, nothing on earth
or in this universe.
Not even your words, their all just broken up pieces of other stuff,
to create something else un-whole.
Like her, shes missing things,
like pieces of her heart…and pieces of her body.
Shes missing things you cant see,
like sleep and a peaceful mind.
I am her.
I am everything.
The sun the stars,
the wind behind the sea.
I am the desert the ocean,
the dust particles in the air.
I am your heart, broken and impaired.
I am the spilled nail polish,
the unbrushed hair,
the line on your forehead,
the face you make when you dont care,
i am the pointless memories and bitten nails
i am the broken dishes and bent silverware.
I am every word you left unsaid.
I am her,and i am broken.


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